Production technology

Art-dekori profiles are made of expanded high density polystyrene, coated with an intermediate layer of polyurethane and ending high-surface layer of polymer-coated sand.

The advantages of user-ART DECORI

The variety of possibilities for use of facade profiles is implemented in its properties:

Profiles of the 30 EPS expanded polystyrene resists combustion according to DIN 41 02

They are elastic, due to which their qualities do not change with time.

Easily attached to existing and
uneven walls.

There is no need of serious preparation works on the surface before installation.

No need of mechanical strengthening because of their

All you need for installation is a polymer glue.

Cut with an ordinary hacksaw withoth harming the surface.

The sand coverage protects the profile from aging and gives a natural look.

Ordinary facade paints can be used for painting.

Thanks to these qualities you can work quickly and within tight deadlines.

With the technology of our production we make a huge assortment of items and sections:


Molding profile

Skirting profile

Frame profile

Linear profile

Columns and semi-columns




Corner profiles and columns


The technical advantages and the boundless opportunities for new architectural design and restoration of old walls make the facade profiles effective means of decoration and restoration.


We prepare new items in exchange for old plaster or cement subjected dedicated to destruction. Upon restoration of the old facades and their decorative elements our specialists remove the original footprint with our innovative technologies and make their duplicates.


Production of ART-DEKORI ltd


CORNICES PROFILE - art-dekori ltd

Profile Mouldings is an exterior decorative element for mounting on the facade of your building. Usually mounted under the roof, as a transition from
the facade to  the roof. With its variety of motifs and sizes the molding profile completes the facade, emphasizes and separates between floor volumes, increases the prospect.

The installation is done quickly and easily without prior training of the work surface. For fixing you should use polymer cement adhesives and coating and any conventional paint. Polymer-coated sand on the surface of the profile protects from weather and gives a natural look.


Skirting PROFILE - art-dekori ltd

Solo decorative element for exterior decoration, which is mounted at the base of the window openings, or in precast concrete sill. The installation is done quickly and easily without prior training of the work surface. For fixing you should use polymer cement adhesives, coating, any conventional paint. Polymer-coated sand on the surface of the profile protects from weather and gives a natural look. Upon installation of profiles with larger sizes may be used plugs for better attachment to the wall.


Linear profile - art-dekori ltd

Horizontal sections are connected in strips outlining and differentiate discrete floor levels in the overall architectural design of the facade. Also used as, an emphasis on layout mezhduprozorechni spaces, baseboards and other linear elements. With the variety of motifs and sizes, linear profiles give a completion of the facade, emphasizes and separates between floor volumes, increasing the prospect.


PROFILE FRAMEWORK - art-dekori ltd

Decorative exterior profile of various sizes and shapes. Used as a finishing touch at the edges or corners of the openings for doors and windows. Emphasizes the presence of windows and doors to the general plan of decorative facade.

The frame profiles are used in combination with the common striped trims and profiles.

We offer a wide range of frame profiles, both standard and customized.



INSTALLATION - art-dekori ltd


When installing the molding or window frame profiles, you often have to change their shape or an angle. For this purpose we offer you the following technique:


1. A profile with standard length and open ends.

2. From the back of the profile are cut and removed two rectangular equilateral triangles.

3. The two segments in the final profile of the 90 ° turn to account and stick.

4. Now the profle is closed on both sides. This technique is used to change direction.




Insulation Panel - art-dekori ltd



Rectangular panels of different sizes highlighting corners of the building.

An imitation of stone for the corners and recesses on the front walls of the building. May be structural or decorative. Architects and builders use the corner stones to convey power and strength of the developing line.

Produced and boards of varying length 2000 mm, width remains - respectively 250 or 450 mm. 250 mm.


Gable-art-dekori ltd

Most often triangular or semicircular plane bounded by saddle located on the horizontal cornice molding at the base. Such decoration is typical of the door, window and gate.

Elaboration of the pediment, it becomes an individual application according to height, width and radius of the desired shape. The profile can be selected from the catalog of standard profiles.


Accent - art-dekori ltd


Used as an accent on top between the axis of symmetry of the pediments, arches and arcades. Also participates as an independent focus on windows and doors.


Column-art-dekori ltd

In architecture and engineering, the column is part of a structure designed to carry the burden of building compression. Columns are often used to support beams that lie on the ceilings or upper walls. Column adorns the pillars of the buildings and is also indispensable in shaping the portals, rotonda and pavilions.

The column is a key architectural element of design, bearing the characteristic stamp of the age and ethnic culture. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans contributed to the stylistic and structural development of the column, each with its unique shape. One of the main decorative elements in architecture that help to recreate a desired architectural style, be it classical, baroque etc.


Basis - art-dekori ltd


In architecture, any structural column, and even those that are used only for decoration, have an architectural basis. It is located directly under the body of the column. Up consisting of an oval or rectangular block, which sits on a pedestal - formed in the decorative style. Switching to a basic body of the column is smooth in several different ways that define fundamental types of databases in architecture today.

Pilastar - art-dekori ltd


Pilastar is a flat rectangular column made up of one side of the wall decoration, and in some cases a structural thickening of the wall. Used primarily as a decorative element, serving to eliminate monotony in large flat surfaces of the facade. The pilastar can be used also for structural strengthening of the wall.

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