The facade decorative elements and profiles of expanded polystyrene are the embodiment of ideas for decorating facade. Traditionally, for these purposes is used gypsum, but the development of construction technologies superimposed the usage of profiles of expanded polystyrene. The construction decorative elements made of art-dekori ltd are the perfect solution for the exterior and interior ideas 

We offer you a wide assortment of shapes and forms, both standard and made by client.
The facade decorative elements and profiles can be isntalled easily and quickly, they are resistant to resistant of weathering and there is no need of frequent updating.

The technical advantages and the boundless opportunities for the implementation of architectural solutions for new design and restoration of old walls make the facade profiles

of art-dekori an instrument for the realization of ideas for decoration and restoration of facades and interior spaces.

We will help you to turn your home into an object of attention and admiration and to show your style and taste choosing the architectural facade profiles and elements of art-dekori!

And remember - the smile of any building is its facade!



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